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About Sabah Covid-19 Tracker

On 12 th March 2020, Smart Bah launched a web portal to track the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread when Sabah records its first Covid-19 case in Tawau. Our team has been working relentlessly to build the tracker, and launched officially a day later (13th March 2020). It is accessible via the URL https://www.sabahalerts.com displays an up-to-date case statistic for each affected district in Sabah. Data are sourced from the official information issued by Ministry of Health Malaysia, Sabah State Government and / or Local Authorities.

It acts as a portal for the public to keep track of the latest news development about the COVID-19 in Sabah, At times of crisis like this, access to accurate information is key for reducing anxiety and panic, we hope by providing this platform, our community can get the correct information with regards to the Covid-19 from time to time.

There’s a lot of conflicting and incorrect information floating around on the internet, through the SabahAlerts Covid-19 Trackers, this enables the public community to track the current state of the pandemic. The development team is aggressively working on the site to ensure data are updated as soon as the information shared by the local authority.

Smart Bah Technology Sdn Bhd is a Software development and Data analytics company based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.


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